The Carbon Bar: Nova Scotia Lobster Burger

For the month of September, The Carbon Bar has been featuring their Nova Scotia Lobster Burger for a very special price. Throughout the month, guests have been able to enjoy the enormous sandwich with a side of perfectly crisp fries for only $20, with the purchase of an Alexander Keith’s – a real steal given the size of the offering compared to other lobster burgers in the city.

Similar to a crab cake, this massive panko-crusted lobster patty is stuffed with fresh chunks of lobster and deep-fried to crispy, golden-brown perfection. Garnished the usual burger suspects in addition to pit-smoked bacon, old bay mayo and an enormous dollop of truffled hollandaise, there’s not too much else you could ask for when it comes to a dream wish list on your lobster burger. My only qualms with this burger are the seasonings in the sauces and the bun itself. While tasty, the hollandaise was seriously lacking truffle flavour and the mayo was fairly light on the Old Bay seasoning. As well, the McDonald’s-like sesame bun mostly just acted as a vehicle for eating the patty. With a buttered brioche bun, and some amped up sauces, this ‘burger’ could truly be incredible.

img_2514                                             img_2502

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